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Seamless 2024 Dubai Exhibition, PIOTEC wonderful appearance, perfect closing!

Seamless 2024 have be held in Dubai from May 14-16, 2024. The exhibition attracted more than 750 companies and tens of thousands of visitors from the payment, fintech, identity, banking, retail, e-commerce, digital marketing and other industries around the world


For this exhibition, PIOTEC has made careful preparations and sent the strongest marketing team to participate.


Great appearance by POITEC. Over the past three days, the H8-D51 booth has been very busy, and more than 10 kinds of products and solutions of the four business units on display (smart card, semiconductor, instrument, business terminal) have aroused the strong interest of many friends and partners, and they have come to discuss cooperation. At the same time, the Pelteco marketing team also took time off to learn from other booths.

It was a perfect end for PIOTEC. In the past three days, the marketing team has worked together and achieved fruitful results. The company's comprehensive strength and brand image can be fully displayed, and valuable opportunities and clues will certainly bring unlimited possibilities for follow-up cooperation.

Made in China goes global. PIOTEC is on the "hard but right path".