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Visual Identification System

Visual Identification System (OCR) is widely used in various products of PIOTEC. The realization of smart card, Chip Surface Information (digital, bar code, two-dimensional code, 25 yards) identification and verification.

OCR can be used as a part of the equipment (such as smart card, Chip personalized equipments) , but also a separate bank card, card letter and other items of detection equipment.

The software system uses the vision algorithm developed by PIOTEC, which can make the automatic production more stable, safe and efficient.

Parameter of Visual Identification System

1Industrial camerasPixels: 5-15 million.
The pixels of visual Identification systems used in industry may not be particularly high for several reasons:
speed and efficiency: in industrial applications, processing speed and real-time are often more important than high-resolution images.
Cost considerations: if a lower-resolution vision system can meet the recognition, detection, or measurement needs of the production line, then there is no need to use a high-cost high-resolution system.
Application Requirements:  Many industrial tasks (such as simple object detection, localization, counting, etc.) do not require very high image resolution.
Environmental Factors: industrial environment vibration, dust, light changes and other factors may affect the image quality. It is more practical to choose a visual system that is suitable for the environment and can provide stable performance.
Data Processing and storage: high-resolution images need more storage space and more powerful data processing capabilities。
2Light sourceIn order to ensure the image quality, the industrial camera often needs a matching light source. The light source not only affects the clarity and contrast of the image, but also helps to highlight the specific features of the object to be detected and improve the accuracy and efficiency of detection.
Annular light source:  It is suitable for reducing shadows and improving the contrast of features, and is often used to detect surface scratches, holes and other defects.
Direct light source (point light, line light) :  It is suitable for producing high contrast images, and helps detect features such as edges, contours, and surface irregularities.
Diffuse light source:  It is Suitable for reducing or eliminating bloom and reflection, commonly used in metal, glass and other reflective materials detection.
Backlight:  It is suitable for contour detection, measurement and perspective detection, and can clearly display the outline and shape of objects.
Structured light source:  The three-dimensional information of the object can be obtained by analyzing the reflected structured light.
Multi-color light source:  It can highlight the different reflectivity of different materials or characteristics, help to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of detection.
3Visual Recognition System (software)object recognition and classification: through the analysis of image features, identify different objects or patterns, and classify them.
Position Detection: to determine the position of the object in the image, used to guide the robot grasping, assembly and other operations.
Dimensional Measurement: Measurement of the size of an object, such as length, width, height, etc. , for quality control.
Defect Detection: detection of product defects, such as scratches, dents, foreign body, etc. . Bar Code and Character Recognition: identify bar code, two-dimensional code or text information in an image for product tracking and information entry.

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