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''Laser''+ Solution

PIOTEC has many years of technical accumulation in laser technology, and the technical indicators of various types of laser marking equipment developed by ourselves (marking speed, marking depth, marking quality, etc.) have prominent advantages in the market. With high reliability and safety, it can operate stably and prevent misoperation. Laser obstacle clearing equipment can aim at the target from a distance, accurately control the direction of the PTZ, and quickly and accurately breakdown the fault object. It has anti-tipping function, night vision function, biometric security protection function, peripheral equipment identification security protection function, etc.

PIOTEC has developed a variety of laser products. Mainly including: laser printing components for self-owned equipment (smart card personalized data writing equipment); various portable laser marking and etching equipment, mainly used for card marking, and item marking in factories and warehouses; Laser cutting and clearing equipment is mainly used in power grids, airports and mines.

Future Development Trend of Laser Technology

Laser technology has been rapidly developed and widely used in the past decades, and has broad prospects for development in the future. Here are some trends for the future development of laser technology:

High-power lasers: High-power lasers will become one of the future development directions of laser technology, and can be used in more application fields, such as industrial manufacturing, medical, communications, aerospace and so on.

Development of laser cutting technology: With the continuous development of laser technology, laser cutting technology will also be further improved and improved, making it more efficient, accurate and environmentally friendly in the cutting and processing of various materials.

Development of laser lithography technology: Laser lithography technology will become one of the important manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry and can be used to create smaller and more sophisticated chips.

Intelligent laser manufacturing: With the continuous development of laser manufacturing technology, the future will realize the intelligent laser manufacturing, that is, through automation, intelligent and other technologies, to achieve a comprehensive optimization and improvement of the production process.

Miniaturization and lightweight of laser devices: With the continuous development of electronic products, the future laser devices will continue to develop in the direction of miniaturization and lightweight, in order to meet the market demand for portability, efficiency and environmental protection.

Lidar application: LiDAR is a high-precision, high-speed sensor technology, the future will be widely used in transportation, military, aviation and other fields.

Future Development Trend of Laser Technology

Advantages of Laser Solution

To meet the needs of customers, laser marking technology can form a single product, but also as part of the equipment.

Laser marking equipment can not only meet the factory production, but also achieve portability, further play no consumables, not easy to erase the advantages.

In marking speed, marking depth, marking quality, safety management and other aspects of a number of exclusive research and development of advanced technology.

Based on advanced technology reserves, it is not limited to laser marking and laser obstacle clearing, but also can show its skills in medical, communications, agriculture, energy, environmental protection and other fields according to customer needs.

Advantages of Laser Solution