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rfid based electronic passport system
epassport solution

Electronic Passport Production Solution

This epassport solution includes the stacking and binding of passport materials through a fully automatic stacking machine.

The sheet punching machine is used to complete the punching of the sheet.

The anti-counterfeiting information of the passport page is hot-stamped through a large-format holographic label hot-stamping machine.

The electronic chip is embedded into the passport cover through an electronic cover laminating machine, and then the electronic cover and the manual body are bound together to create an advanced electronic passport.

The initialization data of the chip is completed by the module strip initialization data writer.

Features of Electronic Passport (E-passport) Production Solution

  • Industrialized fully automatic, reliable and efficient electronic cover lamination fully automatic system

  • According to your needs, you can choose a large-size and multi-functional large-format holographic label hot stamping machine that is rare on the market.

  • Can be used for the production of PC, PETG, PVC, PET, Teslin, Paper and other materials

  • The device's user interface is intuitive and concise, making it easy to operate the device efficiently.

Features of Electronic Passport (E-passport) Production Solution