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Piotec, as a smart card solution provider, has always been committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of smart card, eSIM and iot security chip and semiconductor chip manufacturing equipment. As a smart card supplier, Piotec and has grown into a well-known equipment manufacturer in the field of smart card and mobile iot security chip production.

As a smart card supplier, Piotec always adhere to technology-driven, continuous learning and innovation, introduction and digestion, and finally use for me, with me as the main, to achieve the transformation from a follower to a leader. The smart card solution provider, always pay attention to the forefront of the industry, insight into the development law of the industry, give play to their own advantages, layout in advance, and help customers achieve large-scale intelligent personalized production in the field of ESIM and smart cards.

The pursuit of excellence allows Piotec to adapt to the changes of The Times and constantly achieve technological innovation and management innovation.

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