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Laser Machine

PIOTEC 's Laser machine include various portable laser marking and etching equipment, card printing devices, as well as laser cutting and clearance equipment. Customized research and development can be carried out according to user needs. Many years of technical accumulation have made the technical indicators of various types of laser machine stand out in the market.

Parameter of Laser Machine

Serial numberMachine nameFunctions and characteristics
1LBC500 Fiber Laser Obstacle RemoverA high-energy laser beam is used for long-distance operation. Through a special optical system, a spot of less than 6mm is formed at a distance of tens to two hundred meters.
2CPL300 ID Card Laser Engraving MachineCan be used for identity cards, electronic driver's license, Social Security cards and health cards and other high-security anti-counterfeiting documents
3Handheld and portable type of laser marker FREEMAKERThe user can carry a marking machine on hand or on one shoulder, and mark all the positions of the articles easily by holding the marking head with one hand.

Working Process of Laser Machine

laser marking
laser cutting of trees
Workflow 1: Laser Cutting of Trees

Involves the use of a special optical system to form a light spot smaller than 6mm within a distance of tens to hundreds of meters. The high energy and heat generated by this intense beam penetrate the target object, allowing for the severance of tree branches with a diameter of 10mm at high altitudes within a timeframe of 10 minutes.

laser marking
laser cutting of trees
Workflow 2: Laser Marking

The laser marking is finely engraved and the lines can reach the order of millimeters to microns. It is very difficult to copy and change the mark made by laser marking technology, which is very important to Product anti-counterfeiting.

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