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Shenyang Piotec Technology Co.,LTD.

Piotec 2024 basketball final

On May 17, the final of the Piotec 2024 basketball match was fought in Shenyang Three-point Basketball Arena!

After six games of points competition, the Eagles team and the Dream team meet in the final.


The competition is still divided into two parts: fun games and rivalry games.

Fun games are a lot of fun, but there is no lack of competition.

The competition is inevitably fierce, but there is no lack of fun.

Ma Yang, deputy general manager of Piotec presented the award to the team

After years of persistence and development, Piotec basketball game is getting better and better, more and more unique, and has become a business card of the company's cultural activities, which is the full embodiment of the enterprise spirit of "no limits, no fear of difficulties, not admitting defeat, not giving up".

Piotec will continue to work hard to make corporate cultural activities more deeply integrated with corporate management, promote each other, so that the development prospects of the company and the happy life of employees can spread their wings and pursue their dreams.


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