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Piotec Appears at the 2017 French Smart Card Show

On November 28, 2017, the 31st TRUSTECH French Smart Card Exhibition arrived as scheduled. This exhibition has now developed into the most influential exhibition in cutting-edge industries such as mobile payments, intelligent recognition and financial security, and financial technology, and has been regarded as a wind vane for the future development trend of the entire industry.

2017 French Smart Card Show

Piotec arrived as scheduled and received unanimous praise from numerous industry professionals with multiple mature and stable product solutions and a good corporate image. Piotec's M2M chip personalized data writer product has attracted many visitors to come and observe, and its high-speed, safe, and stable intelligent device personalized solution has attracted a continuous stream of exhibitors and visitors. The company also took this opportunity to have in-depth discussions with international old customers and actively explore new customers, gaining a deeper understanding of international market demand and industry trends.

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