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Piotec Appears at ID4Africa Seminar

ID4Africa Seminar

Piotec participated in the ID4Africa 2017 seminar located in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, in late April 2017. The ID4Africa 2017 seminar was jointly organized by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Immigration of the Namibian government, with the aim of promoting identity authentication projects in Africa.

The exhibition attracts many industry professionals from various countries. In this exhibition, Piotec mainly showcases the card laser personalized printing system - CPL300, which has powerful laser anti-counterfeiting functions to prevent card forgery. At the same time, it has a personalized printing system that can achieve printing functions such as grayscale avatars, CLI/MLI, braille, machine readable codes, ghosting, microtext, personal information, etc. Many African governments and enterprises have gained a deep understanding of the high security and high maturity personalized solutions provided by Peltec and have received unanimous praise.

Through this seminar, Piotec communicated with numerous exhibitors to understand the latest trends in the industry and market, and is bound to make its own contribution to promoting identity authentication management in Africa.