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Will metal cards be the mainstream of the future? Or just cool for a while?

A metal card is usually a credit or debit card made of metal. The cards are usually made of stainless steel, copper, copper alloys, gold or other metals, and are sometimes plated with gold or silver.

Metal cards are generally more durable and textured than traditional plastic credit cards. Metal cards, especially in credit and debit cards, have become a trend, with many high-end and luxury brands starting to issue metal cards. The metal card is usually regarded as a symbol of status, representing the wealth and status of the cardholder. Such as American Express Platinum Card, black card, etc. . These cards typically charge a higher annual fee, but they also offer better benefits and services, such as higher rewards points, Global Airport VIP access, travel insurance, and so on.


The technology involved in making a metal card includes :

materials science: choosing the right metal materials, such as stainless steel, copper, copper alloy, gold, etc. , to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the card.

Business card printing technology: including metal cutting, grinding, electroplating and other processes, to make a regular shape, smooth surface, color uniform metal card.

Engraving technology: using laser or mechanical engraving technology, engraving on the metal card card number, name, validity and other information.

Chip and magnetic stripe technology: credit card chips and magnetic stripe embedded in the metal card, so that it has a payment function.

Security technology: including encryption technology, anti-counterfeiting technology, to protect the card information security.

Printing technology: in the metal card printing trademarks, patterns, etc. , increase the aesthetics of the card and the degree of recognition.

The specific application of the above technologies will vary depending on the card's design and functional requirements.


Will metal cards be the mainstream of the future? Or just cool for a while?

Some people are not optimistic about this

First, metal cards are more expensive to make than traditional plastic cards, which could limit their popularity.  

Second, while metal cards look more upscale, they are also heavier and may not be as portable as plastic cards.

Finally, with the spread of mobile payments and digital wallets, the need for physical cards is likely to diminish.


But others are optimistic. PIOTEC, the smart card company, for example, believes that metal cards will be popular with at least some consumers, especially those seeking exclusivity and luxury. And as the future evolves, metal cards will go in the following directions:

more advanced materials: as materials science develops, more types of metals or alloys may be used to make metal cards in the future, to provide more choice and better performance.

More advanced business card printing technology: with the Advancement of Technology, business card printing technology will continue to improve, such as more sophisticated carving technology, more uniform plating technology, more advanced chip making technology, making the quality of metal cards and aesthetic Living Up.

Stronger Security: with the improvement of information security awareness, metal card security will be more attention, there may be more security technology is applied to the production of metal cards.

More functions: in addition to basic payment functions, metal cards may integrate more functions, such as NFC functions, fingerprint recognition functions, to provide more convenient services.

Wider use: in addition to credit cards, metal cards may also be used in other areas, such as membership cards, identity cards, etc. , to meet different needs. Environmental Development: as environmental awareness increases, the future of metal card may pay more attention to environmental protection, such as the use of recyclable materials, reduce production process pollution.


Currently, as a metal credit card manufacturer, PIOTEC has a complete set of metal card manufacturing and distribution solutions. Including metal card manufacturing, involving the production of various materials of metal cards, such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel and various sizes and specifications, personalized issuance of metal cards: this includes chip pre-personalized, magnetic bar coding, contact IC writing and laser marking, as well as a variety of raw materials: this includes metal card mosaic, special material for metal card (including unique design) .