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The significance of flexible design for bank card personalized equipment

Bank card personalized refers to the bank card personalized services generally include the following aspects:

card face design: customers can according to their own preferences and needs, design bank card face patterns, text and other elements.

Text customization: The Bank card number, validity, magnetic stripe number and other text information customization.

Pattern customization: the design of the bank card custom, such as illustrations, printing, stamping, etc. .

Printing color customization: the bank card printing color customization, such as red, blue, green and so on. Through the bank card personalized service, the bank can enhance the customer's interest and experience in the use of bank cards, and improve the customer's loyalty and satisfaction to bank cards, thus promoting the development of banking business and improving market competitiveness.

Taking PIOTEC ’s flexible bank card production line FPL6081 as an example, its functions include magnetic writing, contact IC writing, non-contact IC writing, lithography, lettering, hot stamping, visual verification & Amp Contact IC Check & non-contact IC Check & visual check and other functional units, covering most of the bank card personalized production process.

What does the flexibility of a bank card mean?

The so-called flexibility of equipment means that the bank card making machine has a variety of functions, can be through different combinations and connections to achieve different working modes, and has a good tunability and scalability. Specifically, flexible equipment features include Modular design: the equipment consists of multiple modules, each module can complete a part of the work independently, and can be replaced or extended as needed.

Flexibility: the equipment can be configured flexibly according to different requirements to adapt to different work environments and work needs. Intelligent: the equipment built-in a variety of sensors and controllers, you can achieve automation, intelligent control and monitoring.

Easy to maintain: the equipment has a modular structure, easy to maintain and replace, reduce the maintenance cost and failure rate.

High Efficiency: the equipment has the high efficiency and the work quality, can improve the production efficiency and the product quality.

Energy conservation and Environmental Protection: equipment with energy conservation and environmental protection features, can reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

What is the meaning of flexibility?

For the Bank Card Factory, undertake the bank card personalized R & D and production tasks. Can be simple and generous, can also be beautiful, reflected in the process is simple and complex.

Although bank card manufactures generally have various types of personalized equipment with single or several functions, it is the cheapest and most cost-effective move to assemble existing equipment into production lines based on customer task orders, but when you combine existing equipments, you often find one or more features missing. No piece of equipment can make the world go round. And really can purchase a“Big and complete” equipment, it will cause unnecessary cost waste.

So every bank card factory wants to have a flexible equipment is very necessary. According to customer order requirements to the various functional modules can be arranged and combined, like building blocks to complete the construction of the production line.

How Does a flexible Equipment Modular design?

The core technology of a flexible Equipment is Modular design. For example, the flexible bank card product line FPL6081 is difficult to implement in the following aspects:

System Integration: the Modular design of the equipment needs to integrate the various modules, to form a complete equipment. This requires precise configuration and debugging of the interfaces and protocols between modules to ensure that they work together.

Communication Interfaces: equipment Modular design need to consider communication interfaces between modules to ensure that modules can communicate and collaborate smoothly.

Function realization: the Modular design of the equipment needs to implement the functions of each module, each module needs to be programmed and debugged separately, and integration testing needs to be conducted, ensure the function and performance of the whole chips making equipment meet the requirements. 

Maintenance Management: the Modular design of the equipment needs to maintain and manage the various modules to ensure the normal operation and stability of the equipment.

It is significant to develop flexible design for bank card personalized equipment. For more information and knowledge, you are welcome to share and practice with PIOTEC