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Smart Card Desktop real-time card issuing Equipment vs card factory card issuing Equipment

Smart Card Desktop real-time card-issuing Equipment and card factory card-issuing Equipment are two important equipments in electronic payment industry.

The main difference is:

Equipment structure: desktop real-time card-issuing Equipment are usually desktop or desktop Equipment, suitable for banks, POS machines and other units or small merchants payment equipments. And smart card factory card issuing equipment is generally pipeline-type equipment, suitable for large-scale business card printing manufacturers production needs.

Business card printing capacity: desktop real-time hair card-type equipment can usually only be used for real-time hair card, can not be used for business card printing. And card factory card issuing equipment can achieve batch business card printing, and have efficient production capacity.

Usage: desktop real-time card-issuing equipment is mainly used for payment equipment card, suitable for banks, POS machines and other units or small businesses. Card factory card issuing equipment can be widely used in all kinds of payment equipment, smart card production and other production.

Technical Difficulty: the technical difficulty of desktop real-time hair card type equipment is relatively low, can be configured and maintained through some simple operations. Card factory card issuing equipment requires a higher level of technology and professional knowledge, the need for more complex equipment configuration and debugging.

Advantages of desktop real-time hair-card Equipment:

Immediately. For customers, customers in the purchase of goods or services in the process, will go through two different psychological stages, that is, enthusiasm and cooling-off period. In the enthusiasm period, customers usually show initiative, enthusiasm, excitement and desire, easy to accept a variety of marketing strategies and promotional activities, thus increasing the likelihood of purchase. At this point, the desktop real-time hair card-type equipment advantages are shown. In the cooling-off period, the customer will usually compare a variety of options, evaluate the actual value of goods or services and applicability, so as to make more intelligent and rational purchase decisions. According to relevant research shows that the use of instant card-issuing equipment to complete customer business success rate than no instant card-issuing equipment 30% higher.

Therefore, for government departments, banks, telecom companies, clubs and other smart card issuing departments, the right amount of desktop real-time card-issuing equipments can achieve the satisfaction of the public, customers, more can achieve income. And for a smart card equipment R & D Company, Smart Card Desktop real-time Hair Card equipment and card factory hair card equipment is a very common ”Two-legged walk”.